Let’s continue this event.

Let’s continue this event.

Thank you for your donation.

Your donation will be used to continue Young Scientists’ Night to give more opportunities for young generations and young professionals to make connections and strive for a better future and for our community.

We offer sponsorship packages as follows:

Gold: sponsorship of $1,000+
1. Sponsor talk (20 mins).
2. One (1) recruiting/information table.
3. Recognized during the event.
4. Logo included in the flyer.
5. Admission fee waived.

Silver: sponsorship of $500+
1. One (1) recruiting/information table.
2. Recognized during the event.
3. Small logo included in the flyer
4. Admission fee waived.

Bronze: sponsorship of $300+
1. Recognized during the event
2. Small logo included in the flyer
3. Admission fee waived.

Copper: sponsorship of $100+
1. Acknowledgement during the event.
2. Admission fee waived.

We believe opportunities like the Young Scientist Night (YSN) are pivotal in connecting and inspiring the many communities of scientists.

*Sponsor Talk will be 15 minutes of presentation, followed 5 minutes of Q&A.